Brad Shares His Story With Chronic Lyme Disease

Brad began having tick infection symptoms 30 years prior to seeing Dr. Fassler.  Like numerous patients, he saw many doctors and followed through with their prescriptions but he never recovered from his utter exhaustion and chronic pain.  Doctors told him he didn’t have Lyme disease and no one ever mentioned he had Bartonella which was obvious to Dr. Fassler because he had chronic debilitating pain in the soles of his feet that had been treated with numerous injections and foot wraps by other doctors.  Brad was suffering from chronic Lyme Disease.

On several occasions, Brad was close to ending his life because he couldn’t imagine continuing feeling as poorly as he did.  He loved his wife, home, and occupation but he was ready to check out if he couldn’t improve the quality of his life.  He then found North Coast Family Health and began treatment with Dr. Kristy Fassler.

Brad’s Health Has Improved

With appropriate treatment for Brad’s infections, including Intravenous Photodynamic Laser Therapy, Brad’s health is the best he can remember in over 30 years.  He feels it’s his mission to tell the world you don’t have to be sick with chronic pain, brain fog, and exhaustion like he was for 3 decades.  Thus he tells his story here.

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