Dr. Fassler’s treatments have three distinct features:

Effective. Your health dramatically improves when the cause of your illness is treated with natural therapies.

Safe and gentle. Our treatments work to support and enhance your body’s natural healing abilities.

Long-term cost effectiveness. Helping your body grow stronger and enabling it to resist disease more effectively will result in substantial health care savings.

Table with medical tools like stethoscope, rubber hammer, cotton balls

How We Can Help You

  • First do no harm

  • Promote the body’s innate healing capacity

  • Treat the whole person –all body systems are connected

  • Find and treat any underlying cause

  • Teach patients how to care for themselves

  • Preventing further illness is curing future illness

Are you one of many people who simply accept feeling poorly as a way of life without ever knowing how energetic, positive and pain free you can feel?

If you are seeking health rather than disease management with medications, naturopathic medicine needs to be an important part of your health care. It is the most cost effective health care solution as it reverses disease and promotes health rather than medication dependence.

Symptoms are your body’s way of letting you know something isn’t quite right and needs attention to correct. Doesn’t it make sense to treat the underlying cause of your symptoms rather than managing or suppressing them?

Naturopathic Medicine: Our Approach to your Health Care

We use natural methods to restore health by treating the underlying causes of an illness rather than merely masking or managing its symptoms. We design a personalized treatment plan to stimulate your body’s own healing power. The result is a safe, gentle, and long-term effective treatment that strengthens your body’s resistance to disease.

The art and science of naturopathic medicine is knowing when, where and how to effect healthful change in the body and mind. Doctor means teacher and we take this to heart. By educating you about your imbalances, you can be your own best health coach and advocate.

You will experience a greater degree of overall health and well being in addition to improvement of your specific symptoms. We recommend periodic health assessments to maintain health once you have achieved your health goals.

Can I Call with Questions?

By all means! Our helpful staff is happy to answer your questions regarding our services and practice. We have been in the forefront of naturopathic medicine in New Hampshire for 25 years since 1990 and we are dedicated to educating the public about it’s effectiveness and safety.

Our specialty: Untangling the web of your symptoms to identify your specific diagnosis and effective treatment plan that addresses your unique and specific needs. 

Feel free to schedule a complimentary 10  minute information consult with one of our naturopathic doctors or come by our office to learn more about our services.

Phone: (603) 505-8923 

Empowering You to Achieve Your Personal Health Goals

Dr. Fassler is dedicated to better understanding you and your personal health needs and goals that we may empower you to achieve them.

To do this, we complete a thorough medical history, and ask questions about all aspects of your health. We will also conduct whatever medical, physical exam is necessary to help us in our evaluation. We spend time with you, taking up to two hours in an initial intake.

After this first visit, we will discuss with you options for further evaluation and treatment. Further evaluation can include standard lab tests, lab tests with specialty laboratories, referrals to specialists and/or imaging.  In choosing your treatment, we will discuss options with you. Together we will develop a plan of care that is medically sound, works for you in your life and achieves results.

Achieve your best health. Book an appointment today.