When I began working with Kristy in July 2020 Id been diagnosed with high inflammation levels, both cardiac & rheumatoid. Theyd been high for about three years.

Both my primary care physician and cardiac specialist  were not concerned, nor could they advise me on how to lower the inflammation.The cardiologist found I had high blood pressure.Much to my reluctance I went on blood pressure meds which did reduce my BP but I ended up with the cough the meds can cause.

My hands ached from arthritis and it was difficult to write. My handwriting was hard for even me to read at times. I suffered from shoulder pain (tear in the rotator cuff).  I also had stomach issues, cramping and bloating.

Kristy suggested the Whole30 diet –which to my surprise I stuck to for 30 days!

Kristy also did food sensitivity testing that showed a long list of foods I was having immune reactions to, even foods generally considered very healthy.

I had ups and downs on the diet the first month but by the end of 30 days I no longer had food cravings and my stomach issues were much improved!

I weaned off the meds and my blood pressure stayed in normal range. It has increased a bit recently so Ive started taking a supplement  Kristy suggested.We are watching that for now.

The biggest surprise to me is the arthritis pain in my hands and shoulder are about 85% gone. 

I can now write without struggling and its legible!The pain in my shoulder is so minimal now that I won’t reschedule the surgery that was cancelled last April due to Covid.

I feel like Im well on my way to better health and am looking forward to June when I will have my inflammation markers retested!

So happy I finally took the step to holistic healing with Kristy!!

Sharon Seaward


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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