Healthy digestion is one of the most important foundations of health for both body
and mind. The digestive tract sends messengers that either enhance immunity,
mood, and vitality or depress these aspects of health depending on your quality of
food, beverages and digestion.

An organic whole food diet with minimal processed foods and preferably no gluten
is a good place to start when trying to heal your body of pain and inflammation.
Many patients have common conditions of reflux, SIBO, leaky gut or intestinal
permeability, irritable bowel, chronic diarrhea or constipation and other challenges
that need appropriate treatment to heal. Medications can manage symptoms but
they often have side effects that cause other problems over time if taken for months
or years.

A healthy ecology in your GI tract known as the gut microbiome requires colorful
and fibrous plant foods to feed it. These microbes play a large roll in mood, immune
function and prevention of numerous diseases. Fermented foods like sauerkraut,
miso, kombucha and yogurt are sources of dietary probiotics that feed a healthy

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