Dr. Kristy Fassler Practices Proactive Healing

Dr. Kristy Fassler practices proactive healing which involves healing and promoting and maintaining health.  Stephanie’s story is a patient testimonial that speaks to that point.

Here is a patient testimonial of a lovely woman with precancerous abnormal pap smears that hadn’t resolved in 2-3 years with standard therapies such as conization and LEEP (Loop Electorsurgical Excision Procedures).  She was told she would need a hysterectomy if the lesions continued to progress and this was devastating because she was desiring to have children.

When Dr. Kristy Fassler met her in 2018, she reassured her that we would not only treat the abnormal precancerous cells, she would also treat the viral infection that caused the precancerous cells.  Dr. Fassler had treated other women with abnormal pap smears with a therapy developed by Tori Hudson, ND, called the escharotic treatment.  The therapy not only removes atypical precancerous cells, it also treats the viral infection (human papilloma virus) with herbal and nutritional antivirals systemically and topically.

Dr. Fassler offered this patient a variation of the escharotic protocol involving red, blue, ultra violet, yellow and Infrared laser applications topically to her cervix. This therapy is called photodynamic therapy (PDT), known to kill infections that promote disease. She did this treatment 12 times. She also applied antiviral and anti-inflammatory suppositories Dr. Fassler had prescribed from a local pharmacy for 4 months.

This patient experienced severe gastrointestinal symptoms that were found to be from a gluten intolerance.  You may ask, “Why is this important regarding abnormal pap smears?” The gluten intolerance was causing systemic immune reactions and inflammation throughout her body. This means her immune system was targeting gluten proteins in her body and possibly not the viral infection that was causing her abnormal pap smears.  In addition, with her malabsorption of nutrients due to her inflamed digestive tract, she wasn’t assimilating the nutrients that could assist with her healing.

She was told her cervix was normal and healthy after the interventions were implemented together as you can see in the video.  Dr. Fassler will continue to monitor this patient to make sure she is not having any recurrence of symptoms and looks forward to meeting her children!