Usually a healthy body and social environment along with healthy foods and exercise sustain a positive mood and strong memory. If you experience recurring anxiety and depression or loss of memory there are commonly underlying factors contributing to them.

Dr. Fassler investigates the following factors as probable causes of unhealthy mood and/or memory loss as well as other neurological disturbances such as vertigo, dizziness and unsteady gait or tremors:

  • Digestion disturbances with resulting inflammation in both intestine, body and brain

  • Dietary factors including nutrient deficiencies, quality of foods consumed

  • Microbiome health

  • Hormone Imbalances – children and men too!

  • Chronic or acute infections

  • Molecular mimicry causing autoimmune responses

  • Elevated blood glucose

  • Deficient oxygen

  • Environmental toxins – plastics, heavy metals, pesticides, EMFs, pollution

  • Trauma – both physical and emotional, including concussions and brain injury

  • Genetics that are triggered by any of the above

  • Cardiovascular disease

Beautiful asian with grey hair smiling standing near the wall

In this world of uncertainty, it’s important to develop skills to sustain positive moods, energy and health. Dr. Fassler encourages exercise outdoors as much as possible, yoga or Tai Chi, meditation, concentration techniques, affirmations, uplifting music, movies, books, gardening, arts, family and friends.

Deep within ourselves, we can find peace, love, joy and contentment. When we are paying attention and engaging in uplifting activities especially in an uplifting environment, we become masters of our own selves.