IV Laser Treatments Helped Megan Heal

One of Dr. Fassler’s patients shares her struggle with Lyme Disease. She found healing coming to North Coast Family Health and seeking care from Dr. Fassler  She credits the IV Laser Treatments as an important part of her healing process.

Megan was struggling with Lyme Disease

Megan presented with persistent tick infections in May 2018.  She had been treated in 2010-11 with numerous antibiotics by another Lyme Literate Doctor and improved but never fully recovered. Six years later, she reported the following symptoms when she sought care at North Coast Family Health.

·      Extremely tired – having to lie down because I can’t do anything. I’d go home and be in bed by 7:30.

·      Brain fog – really bad short term memory and difficulty recalling names.

·      Colored spots in my vision.

·      Headaches like my head is being pressed together, like a block is being pressed in there.

·      Ear pain.

·      Hurt everywhere with a weak feeling.

·      Right big toe numbness, numb shooting pains down my right leg and left arm, like it’s falling asleep.

·      Hands hurt, cold or damp.

·      Reddish, purplish stretch marks on my inner thighs.

·      Felt really shaky, light headed, like I was going to pass out and faint.

·      Soles of my feet hurt when I get up in the morning

·      Spasm in my mid chest that hurts so badly that I can’t breathe

·      Anxiety attacks every so often. The last one felt like the room was closing in on me and I couldn’t breathe. I wake up at night and sit up gasping for air.

For anyone who is Lyme literate, Megan is clearly infected with Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella.  She was treated for these infections with antimicrobial indicated therapies, including Photodynamic Therapy with Intravenous laser and these symptoms have been fully resolved for 4 to 5 months.

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