In Office, Phone and Telehealth Appointments with Dr. Fassler

I invite you to begin or continue the education, support and care we have established at North Coast Family Health as I transition to my own practice. I am seeing patients in Portsmouth at my same office at Orchard Park in Building A-1 along with Arete Chiropractic.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling or texting 603-505-8923. Should you have an emergency, please see your PCP or go to your local Urgent Care office or emergency room.

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The vast majority of people we see are completely curable

  • Healing is a process that takes time. Most diseases take years to manifest.

  • Fortunately, when given the right tools, our bodies and minds can heal deeply and thoroughly.

  • We provide guidance, expertise and therapies to heal the causes of your illness.

Go Beyond Disease Management

Are you one of many people who simply accept feeling poorly as a way of life without ever knowing how energetic, positive and pain free you can feel?

If you are seeking health rather than disease management with medications, naturopathic medicine needs to be an important part of your health care. It is the most cost effective health care solution as it promotes health rather than medication dependence.

Dr. Fassler has been serving the New England community since January 1990 when she co-founded North Coast Family Health in Portsmouth, NH. She worked to establish licensing of Naturopathic Doctors in the state in the early 1990s and served on the New Hampshire Naturopathic Board of Examiners for 8 years. She is committed to helping each of her patients achieve their best health.

Lab Testing

I will continue to order lab tests through Quest and Lab Corps and will upload in your patient portal document section the lab requisition to print and take to these labs for specimen collection and processing.

Rupa Health is the online service I am using to order specialty lab tests (Vibrant America, Access, Genova and others).  These tests are much more affordable for paying out of pocket and offer unique testing often unavailable through Quest and Lab Corps.

How it’s done – Rupa Health will send an email to you with a link to pay securely online for the tests I have ordered for you. We discuss the tests and prices prior during an appointment.  The lab test kits will then be mailed directly to your home by Rupa for specimen collection once you have paid online for the tests. Saliva and urine collections can be done as instructed at home.  Remember to place any freezer packs in the freezer as indicated prior to specimen collection.

Blood draws can be scheduled on Thursday mornings at the office of North Coast Health, 370 Portsmouth Avenue, Greenland, NH 03840 by calling 603-427-6800.


I will continue to refill prescriptions and order new prescriptions as necessary for you. Prescription refills will be processed each Wednesday unless a holiday or away due to vacation or illness. Please ask your pharmacy to send a refill request to Dr. Fassler’s new fax number 833-719-1204 two weeks prior to running out of your prescription to assure a refill is made before you run out.

Online Dispensaries for Prescribed Supplements

I will prescribe nutrition, homeopathic and herbal supplements through Fullscript which is integrated with ChARM electronic health record patient portal. You will see your prescription under supplements on your patient summary in ChARM.

Once I have prescribed the supplements, you will receive a text and an email from Fullscript stating I have prescribed the items indicated. You will then pay securely and your items will normally be shipped within 24 hours.  Orders over $50 are shipped for free and you will have a 10% discount on all manufacturers suggested retail price. A link to Fullscript is also found on the upper right hand corner of the homepage. You can easily access the array of products they carry in addition to my prescriptions.


Since in 1990, Dr. Fassler has been at the forefront of naturopathic medicine in New Hampshire, and are deeply rooted in the community.

Treating Chronic Conditions With Naturopathy

Our treatments work!

At this time in the evolution of medicine and health care in the United States, we are grateful for the effective and time tested principles of healing with naturopathic medicine.

We treat patients with a variety of conditions including:

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