Babesia is a malarial-like infection that is from the bite of an infected tick. Babesiosis is extremely prevalent in New England, with 30% to 50% of patients infected.


Bartonella is a bacteria found in ticks. Cat Scratch Fever is from Bartonella but is thought to be a distinct infection. Bartonella may be the most prevalent infection in a tick that affects humans but more difficult to detect than a Lyme infection.

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection resulting from a tick bite and is the fastest spreading and emerging epidemic in the United States.

Black legged ticks (deer ticks) infect humans. Deer and white-footed mice are the primary carriers of this bacterial infection. A recent study showed 50% to 70% of the deer ticks in the Durham/Lee, New Hampshire woodlands are infected with Lyme disease and Bartonella, another serious infection.

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