Bartonella is a bacteria found in ticks. Cat Scratch Fever is from Bartonella but is thought to be a distinct infection.

Bartonella may be the most prevalent infection in a tick that affects humans but more difficult to detect than a Lyme infection.

Bartonella Symptoms

The predominant symptoms in individuals infected with Bartonella are primarily neurologic.  Profound brain fog, twitches, tremors, agitation, anxiety, irritability, cognitive defects, and even seizures.

Other symptoms may include gastritis, sore soles of the feet, sore subcutaneous nodules, and red streaking rashes on the torso and underarm region.

Inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis) are one of the hallmark of Bartonella and may be responsible for many of the clinical manifestations.

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Testing for Bartonella

Blood testing tests for 2 strains of Bartonella and there are 23 to 26 known strains of Bartonella.

The diagnosis is usually based upon clinical symptoms.  Failure to become well when having been treated for other tick borne infections is also a relevant finding and can add to the suspicion that an individual has a Bartonella infection.

Treatment for Bartonella

Treatment is different from that of the other tick borne infections.

Bartonella specific antibiotics, botanical medicines, nutrition and good quality sleep are necessary for a complete return to health.

The treatment of other tick borne infections may help resolve a Bartonella infection.

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