The controversy about the safety of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has left many women confused and anxious about their health. Hopefully the positive outcome will be women seeking information and making educated decisions about their options and their bodies.

The time for all women to take the same pill to “treat” menopause, osteoporosis and heart disease is over.  Menopause is not a disease; it is a stage of life each woman experiences in a unique way.

Many women share common symptoms with different levels of severity. Now that synthetic HRT has been shown in three major studies to be a risky option to treat these symptoms what can you do?

Evaluating hormone imbalance

Naturopathic doctors have been studying and offering alternatives to synthetic HRT for many years. We work to understand the causes of the symptoms so we can help women treat the causes and feel better.

For example, did you know your body produces at least 3 kinds of estrogens and estrogen like compounds? The liver is responsible for metabolizing many of these estrogens; it is responsible for changing the estrogens into less harmful forms to be excreted.


When the liver becomes sluggish and the conversion process is slowed, the proper estrogen balance is disturbed. This can result in an increased risk of breast cancer as well as some of the symptoms of insomnia, hot flashes, and anxiety experienced during peri-menopause.

The adrenal gland is another important organ to assess as it produces many of the hormones that help in the transition through menopause. We may order tests to assess liver function, hormone balance and adrenal health to help you determine your body’s unique needs.

Treating Menopause Naturally

The first and least invasive treatment for menopause is to make the necessary changes in diet, exercise and stress management.
For 50-60% of women this is sufficient to be symptom free during the menopausal transition and to protect them from cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis. Other women may need to go to the next level of treatment as determined based on risk factors, test results and symptoms.
We are happy to help you to evaluate your risks and benefits of the various natural treatment options available, including homeopathy, herbs and supplements or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
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